Your quest to own a MTM suit starts once you book an appointment with our MTM specialist. The MTM service we offer is unique in a way that we do not work with one pattern to accommodate every body type. Taking your personal tastes and body type into consideration we decide on the right pattern for you and take your measurements accordingly.

During this visit we also let you choose the fabrics and decide on the details of your garments. Our MTM specialist will be assisting you in every step according to your feedback and requirements re your lifestyle and daily routine.

After this initial appointment we will take 10-20 days to work on your order getting ready for the fitting. The garments are prepared mostly by hand in our own workshop that is supervised by Muzaffer Çaha. At this fitting the necessary adjustments are taken into consideration and your suit is prepared for finishing. On our third meeting your suit would be ready for picking up.


Our bespoke tailoring is a result of a much more detailed process. You book an appointment with our master tailor Muzaffer Çaha for this service.

During the introductory meeting he will listen to your daily routine, your requirements, tastes and advice you in choosing the appropriate fabrics. Then your measurements will be taken in detail to create a pattern just for you from scratch.

During the first fitting you will have a sense of what the finished product be. Your input will be taken into consideration at this point and a second fitting will be scheduled if necessary. The end result is a suit that is almost an extension of your body to be enjoyed for years.