Muzaffer Çaha name has the trait of being the first to start the men’s fashion, design and tailoring, history in Turkey. He was trained by the legendary tailors of the time to work with the fabrics that he was already accustomed to since childhood because of his father’s profession. After his education in Italy, Caha became one of the very few designers who have a profound knowledge in every step of the fashion; design, pattern cutting and tailoring.

After manufacturing the mass production lines of the world famous brands in the 1970’s, he diverts to the exclusive designs through which he can test his creativity to extent. He prepared artistic designs to the famous artists of the time first and foremost Zeki Müren.

Muzaffer Çaha takes his designs all around the world, where they are appreciated. The designer, who was born in Diyarbakir, the very eastern town of Turkey, and studied in Italy, created his unique style under the influence of all those different cultures.

The reason that he continously creates unique designs is that he establishes fashion rather than following it.